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DEC 11 2021

We are Excited to Invite You to Our Wedding On the Beach.

Our Story

Emily and Chris were born in total opposites of the world. Having been bred for very different climates, Emily has been known to overheat easily, while Chris is very cold sensitive but known to willingly provide Emily with his warm jackets when needed. After being born and raised until they were 6-8 years old in Northeast China and São Paulo, Brazil, respectively, they moved with their families to the US. There, they led very different paths in life, with Chris having lived in Miami, Salt Lake City, Boston, and California and Emily in Germany, New York, Chicago, and California. Emily chose to pursue medicine and Chris to start his own company. Their steps unexpectedly crossed in Santa Barbara, CA where they met on a first date at Kalyra, a small winery in town...

Chris and Emily


Events + Location

Dec 7-9: Bachelor / Bachelorette Party TBD

Dec 10: Rehearsal + Welcome Dinner TBD

Fly into Liberia Airport (LIR)

Our Travel Coordinator

Please mention you are joining Chris and Emily's wedding

Coordinator Name:

Melanie Marsell

Phone Number:



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Kindly Reply By The 15th Of July

Our Moments